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Historic and classic motorcycles

We sell and deliver motorcycles
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We deal with the purchase and delivery of selected historical and classic motorcycles
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We arrange the selected machine from almost all locations
We will advise you on the selection
We are happy to advise you on the choice of motorcycle type, we have 30 years of experience.
We will help you find and deliver the motorcycle

Who we are

Why with us

  • we respect the principles from the "old school" - above all, keep your word

  • decent, serious and honest behavior, discipline

  • decades of experience both in the motorcycle shop and in the workshop with renovations

  • prices you won't find in Europe

  • individual approach to each customer

  • we have contacts all over Europe

  • We have been interested in motorcycles for 30 years
  • 20 years on the market

How it came about

From a young age I was inclined towards motorcycles and the very first one was a Jawa Pionýr model 20, which I got from my grandfather. I took it all apart and renovated it, and it was "far and away" prettier.

War, girls, football and soon was over with motorbikes. However, I soon returned to this hobby and began to gradually collect and renovate especially Jawa - Czech motorcycles. I became a member of Vintage Bike Owner´s Club (KHV) - Žďár nad Sázavou. I worked in many professions , but the turning point was when I had to undergo two spinal operations due to overload from hard work. I could no longer follow my original activity. What to do next with my life?

I began to pay more attention to motorcycles and the big moment came up when my friends and I went to Scandiavia for the very first English machine, the Ariel SQ 1000 OHV. When I presented in the motorcycle club, those who had some money also wanted something other than the Czech classic. Well, that's how it all started. At first I was approached by friends and acquaintances, later by strangers, could you get this or that...

How perfectly true is the saying "everything bad happens for a good reason". My hobby became my job. And if you enjoy the work and you do it properly and with passion, you usually succeed, it happened to me in my other activities as well. So, this activity did not arise overnight, but very gradually. As a self-employed person, sometimes I drove 120,000 km a year, and imported cheaper motorcycles across the Strait of Gibraltar over almost to the North Pole.

At that moment, lot of motorcycles have been collected and with that came the idea to build a museum. Not an easy task without a lot of money. But it gradually developed and today we are proud of a museum where are machines of worldwide production. And that's how our little company was born, an activity that we enjoy, not only because of the bussiness, but also because we make many people happy and even sometimes we fulfill a life dream to come true.

We will help you find and deliver the motorcycle

Our activities

We organize an annual meeting of veterans in Svratouch
We manage the municipal museum of historical motorcycles in the village of Svratouch
We will help you find and deliver the motorcycle

What customers say

Hello, thank you for the great behavior on your part. More such traders. Otherwise, the Triumph Tiger is already on paper and I'm slowly learning to ride it.
Dalibor H.
Hello Mr. Šiller, Ariel is beautiful. Thanks
Ing. Lubomir H.
Hello Mr.Siller, I drove 100 km with the Triumph. in Jicin on belts and the bike survived without any problems. Thanks again.
Lubos B.
Hi Pavel, great! Both HDs are top notch
Martin Z.
Matchless drives great. Thanks.
Michal Z.
We will help you find and deliver the motorcycle

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We will help you find and deliver the motorcycle

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